Once on the other side of the portal, the party discovered they had been separated, and were in what appeared to be a prison.  The cleric was already in a cell and was shortly joined by the minotaur, the medusa and centaur shared a cell, and Boris was in his own cell.  All that was visible was the adamantine bars, reinforced with magic, that separated the cell from the other side, the other side consisting of a complicated looking map on the far wall and two portals on opposite walls.  Boris immediately set off, attempting to walk straight through the bars but being magically repelled, so instead walking through the walls finding neighbouring cells.  The minotaur attempted to avoid the cleric, and set to work escaping, first by attempting to pull the bars free but to no avail, and then to hold his acidic axe against the bars, slowly corroding the metal.  Meanwhile, the centaur was at a loss for what to do but the medusa came up with the idea of wild shaping into a small enough creature to squeeze through the bars, which

Can anyone make sense of these maps?

sure enough worked so she started travelling through portals, unable to make sense of the maps that seemed to change randomly between cells.  As she travelled, she encountered (amongst other things) a lizardman druid, who was apparently too dumb to realise he could wild shape.  He still failed to get the hint, so the medusa shrugged and moved on.  At the next cell she witnessed a portal open up in the unattended cell, a huge construct behind it that threw a halfling into it, knocking him unconscious.  The medusa turned back, encountering the lizardman again who explained he got regular food here so didn’t want to leave- the medusa called his bluff, pointing out he’d just forgotten he could wild shape, so he tried to do so, shifting into a snake form that was still a little too big to squeeze through the bars.  He tried nonetheless, getting stuck but helped out by the medusa who told him about the halfling in the next cell, who would make a nice lunch for the lizardman.  The medusa set off the way she came, hoping to get back to the original cell with the centaur but unfortunately ended up somewhere completely new.
Meanwhile, the centaur had a troglodyte thrown into her cell, again by a large construct somewhere in the maze, but he died on impact with the bars.  The centaur proceeded the only way she could, by looting his body.
Boris was still exploring, unrestrained by the portals but not finding any way out, and tried floating upwards instead only to find more prison.  He soon came across a celestial paladin who spotted him and Turned Undead, causing Boris to run as fast as he could away, and bumping into a different shadow who didn’t say a word and merely started following him.  Boris tried to lose the shadow, but it just kept silently following.
Time passed, and the minotaur’s axe did indeed seem to be eating through the metal, but just revealed the bars were reinforced with a modified form of Wall of Force.  Considering what to do next, someone came through one of the portals carrying a tray of gruel.  After a short conversation, the minotaur and cleric managed to convince the guard that they were part of the party that helped save the Lady by killing the shadow dragon, and told him of their companions who were somewhere else in the prison maze.  the guard said he would look out for them, and if they were indeed the heroes he would set them free, and with that he took a note of some details from the map before continuing on.  Shortly afterwards, the guard arrived at the centaur’s cell- at the same time as the medusa who came through the opposite portal.  Luckily the guard had already been told the medusa was part of the heroes party, so was spared as he listened to their version of events.  It matched up, so he put them both under a Geas to follow him until they left the building.  He led them back to the cleric and minotaur, and after placing a Geas on them, they all continued, taking an erratic route that seemed to be two steps forward, three steps back, 5 forward, 2 back, and so on- the rooms apparently changing every time the group was two steps away from a previous cell.  Eventually they encountered Boris who was still running from the shadow following him- the party told the guard he was a member of the group but because he was a shadow he would have to have special permission, so had to wait there for his return.  Reluctantly Boris accepted, and the rest were escorted from the building.  They stayed with the guard and were taken to the Lady, who apologised for the inconvenience and seemed noticeably annoyed at the fact she was obligated to give out the promised wishes for her rescue.  The group told her their requests, and she informed them that a messenger would be sent once she had considered suitable rewards.
Now back in Sigil, the party noticed many people were looking their way, rumour having gotten round about their exploits- some looks were friendly, some not so much as some creatures preferred life knowing the Lady wasn’t watching their every move.  The minotaur wasted no time in going and getting Steve resurrected from a temple of Loki in the Outlands, as the others sold some of their spoils and paid the bards guild to sing their praises, under their new name ‘the A-Team’.

The similarities are amazing

On gathering their profits from the weapons shop and the Rosy Petal, it was discovered that the pimp who had previous ownership of a couple of the workers had come round with his demon lawyer, waving papers in the air and claiming they were still his.  Naturally, the minotaur and Boris weren’t happy with this as he had apparently taken more than his claim, so they decide to organise a raid on his property in the morning.  In the meantime, they would host a lavish Heroes Feast with the help of the bard’s guild, a spell that creates an entire banquet that cures all ailments and gives a bit more on top.  During the festivities, the Lady’s messenger arrived to inform the group that she had made her mind up regarding the party’s wishes.  Without further ado, the group hurriedly went to see the Lady to claim their rewards.
On arriving at her palace, they were informed she would see each member individually, with the following results:
The minotaur, requesting an ability to stay in combat for longer, was granted Damage Reduction.  He had a choice between vulnerabilities: slashing, piercing, or bludgeoning.  Slashing would result in him becoming flabby and gluttonous; piercing would give him patches of scaly skin, and bludgeoning would give him stone arms- he opted for the stone, meaning he would gain DR1 as long as he fought defensively (letting him block attacks).
The medusa requested increased dexterity, hoping though not outright stating she wanted increased ability to fire a bow.  She gained a prehensile tail, to serve as a warning about correct wording of wishes, but as the Lady knew the true request she also granted the ability to use a luck reroll once per day on any dexterity based check.
The cleric was next, requesting the ability to Blink in the face of terror- specifically when large objects are falling towards her (bringing her close to her death twice now).  The Lady took notice of the various modifications the cleric already had, and thought it couldn’t hurt to add another- an eye on her chest, slightly bigger than a human eye- that would effectively be in control of the Lady who would activate a Blink in the specific circumstance of falling objects, and would also monitor the cleric’s heart rate giving a chance to Blink when her pulse quickens.
The centaur made a modest request, merely asking that her bow was improved.  This not being a selfish body enhancement request, the Lady happily granted a composite property on the Psychokinetic bow, meaning the centaur could use her strength bonus on it- though it was made too strong for the centaur to use effectively without strength enhancing gear, and because the bow wasn’t initially designed to cope with the stress of being composite, it has also been made more brittle.
Finally was Steve, who requested Telepathy, making sure to include clauses about being able to use all his languages, nothing stupid like being given mind flayer brains, and not projecting his thoughts to everyone that happened to be in the vicinity.  His wish was granted, the only visible flaw being that his brain had grown slightly too big for his skull giving a visible bulge, but that was to be expected.
Everyone now more-or-less satisfied with their wishes, agreed that they should get a good nights rest and conduct a dawn raid on the pimp’s home- with some persuasion to get the centaur and cleric involved, eventually being convinced that at the Rosy Petal they would be working towards their freedom and getting a large share of the profit, compared to with this pimp where they were obviously being treated as slaves with little to no pay.  The night passed uneventfully, and all were ready for the attack, leaving some time for the Heroes Feast effects to still be active.
Arriving at the pimp’s mansion, they noticed it was quite heavily guarded, with two guards on every door.  They noticed a couple of finely dressed people leaving the building, and naturally assumed them to be customers, thinking nothing more of it.  Boris was first to move, quickly dashing into a wall- being spotted by a guard in the process who sounded an alarm, getting others from inside to keep an eye out.  Now the guards were at attention, the medusa decided to attempt to make a distraction by calling a pidgeon and feeding it some corn so it would ‘annoy’ the guard.  It did so, but the guard seemed to just shrug it off, slightly intrigued by a bird in this highly pest-controlled part of Sigil.  Deciding if you want something doing, you should do it yourself, the medusa wild shaped into a small pterodactyl form to fly over the guard and do the same as the pidgeon whilst making an unconvincing ‘caw-caw’ sound.  This didn’t fool the guard for a second, who Magic Missiled whilst shouting about a druid attack, causing the medusa to quickly retreat.  The minotaur sighed and decided sometimes the simplest route is often the best, merely walking up the path and telling the guards he would like an audience with the master of the manor, which he was sure enough granted.  Deciding they could probably handle themselves, and that if they were needed then they could get the pidgeon to give a signal, the three girls decided to go to a nearby pub (The Hungry Halfling) for croissants, sitting outside where they could still see the pidgeon.
Inside the building, the minotaur was escorted to a waiting room as Boris explored the upstairs.  He found some fine art in the attic, and a small armoury in the basement, but failed to notice there was a secret door leading from the master bedroom to a study, where the pimp was currently.  Looking through the floor he noticed the minotaur and Steve had got inside, so decided to lie low for a bit.  The pimp was taking some time, and there were no opportune moments for Steve to get away, so the minotaur asked to use the toilet, which the guards allowed him to so long as he was escorted there.  Finding an area out of view of the other guards in the house, Steve jumped up to the ceiling as the minotaur attempted to grab the guard from behind, but failed miserably as the guard sidestepped and judo-flipped him to the floor.  The minotaur tried to bluff, saying he just tripped and tried to brace himself on the guard, and somehow was convincing enough for the guard to believe him.  Getting inside the bathroom the minotaur tried again, this time getting a good hold around the guard’s neck, but he still managed to trigger an Alarm through using a Silent Spell.  The guards came running at once, and the minotaur tried to squeeze some life out of him but once again he got flipped onto his back, the guard deciding if he survives then he would start training to be a monk.  Meanwhile, outside the pidgeon noticed the guards running inside so sounded the signal, so the girls quickly came running, firing arrows through the window getting a couple of glancing blows.  Steve got into a showdown with one of the guards, trading arrows with Magic Missiles, though he also noticed the door at the end of the hall and suspected there was an invisible man.  He informed everyone of this, and as the fight was quite one-sided the guards decided to retreat, all except one which was felled by the minotaur- this gave the medusa an opportunity to try out her tail with a trip attempt, but the guard just grabbed the tail and flipped the medusa onto her back.  Wasting no time, the minotaur set out to find the invisible man who he assumed was the pimp, and though the trail was quite hard to follow he found it led out through one of the open windows at the front of the building, so he continued to follow as the rest of the party searched the rooms.
The minotaur found the trail to be heading deep into the city, towards the bazaar, and though it proved difficult through the throng of people he tenaciously stayed on the trail- after half an hour or so he came across his mark, now visible, who was trying not to be seen in the crowd, though apparently very experienced at staying hidden as he looked like he could be a perfectly ordinary bystander.  The minotaur decided to confront him, first by causing a scene with Steve who would jump onto him- the half-elf predicted Steve’s attack and swung round attempting a punch but to no avail, though this gave the minotaur an excuse to confront him in the middle of the crowd, accusing him of harming his monkey.  Seeing the minotaur head towards him, the pimp quickly drank from a potion and disappeared, Steve falling to the ground, the half-elf apparently having used some form of teleportation potion.  The minotaur had lost the trail, and so headed back to the mansion to find the others.
Meanwhile, at the mansion, as the group was searching the various rooms, there came a shout from outside- ‘Come out with your hands up!’.  Immediately panicking, the centaur decided to make a run for it, Boris quickly concealing himself inside her as she jumped through the window only to be rooted to the spot with a Hold Person spell.  The city guard bound her hands and gagged her, wary of spellcasters, as those left inside the building considered their move.  The medusa suggested the cleric should try to break the spell with a Dispel Magic, which she attempted to no avail, so the cleric decided it would probably be best to give herself up, doing as the guards said and exited with her hands up and throwing her sword to the ground.  The medusa was still panicking, and tried to Meld Into Stone using the oven in the kitchen, but couldn’t stay still enough so left again and started setting fire to the building.  This prompted the guards to advance on the building to find the spellcaster they detected inside, as the medusa now started climbing into the toilet, using Obscuring Mist behind her.  Meanwhile the centaur managed to break free of the spell, and the guards trying to restrain her with some help from Boris who strength drained them- unfortunately the guards were aware of strength drain abilities and immediately knew it was an undead creature, so one of them Turned Undead killing Boris once and for all.  The centaur kept running, but was attacked by a Howling Chain spell which immediately wrapped itself around her, bringing her crashing to the floor and producing a terrifying effect, causing her to pass out.  The cleric and centaur were loaded into the back of the prison wagon, as the medusa luckily discovered there is in fact a sewer system in Sigil that she could escape through, and it would take a while for the guards to discover that that was her exit.
Needless to say, when the minotaur returned he saw the mansion surrounded by guards, and decided his best course of action would be to return to the pub.
Once at the prison, the centaur and cleric were escorted to the holding cells, both now accepting of their fate, and were told they would be interviewed individually.  First was the cleric, who decided the best thing to do would be to tell as much of the truth as possible, so shared her story of how she had been told the pimp’s workers were enslaved and that they would be liberating them, and that the minotaur and shadow were in charge of the rescue mission.  The guards were interested to hear more of this ‘shadow man’, and were told that he had a special pardon from the Lady which they found highly unusual, and would have to check to see if this was true.  The cleric told them of their headquarters, and of the Rosy Petal, and was noticeably shocked when she was told that everyone who worked for the half-elf pimp did so of their own free will, were given high pay and lived in one of the better parts of the city, and simply said that that was not what she was told.  The guards led her back to the holding cell and invited the centaur in, who was noticeably a lot more nervous.  She decided she was better off saying as little as possible, worried she would say something that wouldn’t match the cleric’s story.  She explained they were going to rescue the pimp’s workers, told they were slaves by the shadow man, and when questioned she also said the shadow had been given a special pardon by the Lady.  Satisfied that their stories matched, they were left in the holding cells a while as they checked with the Lady to see if she knew of this shadow person she had apparently pardoned, despite shadows being the enemy.

the medusa also thought she heard singing... "Don't worry... be happy..."

Meanwhile, the medusa was exploring the sewers trying to find a safe way out- knowing that the main exits would be the city barracks, the prison, or the courthouse- all places she didn’t want to be.  After some exploration, she could hear a slithering from up ahead and due to her current skittishness was convinced it must be a sewer-dwelling dragon so exited the quickest way possible- upwards.  Unfortunately she wasn’t the best at climbing, and the sides of the pipes were very slippery, meaning she got stuck at the bottom end of the pipe, as the slithering got closer and revealed itself to be a Black Pudding directly below her.  She was aware that Black Puddings are a type of Ooze, and therefore only get stronger if hit with slashing weapons and would be deadly should she fall into one.  She continued trying to climb, but to no avail as the ooze merely waited for her to fall, however when the medusa decided to fire her bow at it then all she succeeded in doing was making it angry so it started climbing slowly after her.  She couldn’t outrun it, as it enveloped her foot and completely dissolved her boot as she clambered a bit higher, only to get stuck again letting the ooze envelop her other foot.  Slashing at it with her tail, she succeeded in creating an identical duplicate of the pudding and also lost her balance, falling inside it where she lost almost all of her equipment and much of her health.  Knowing her only way out was down, she quickly cured herself just in time to take damage that would have killed her as she swam through the second ooze, then fell to the contents of the sewer below, and quickly ran back the way she came.  Satisfied she was a safe distance away, she summoned a local rat that would hopefully guide her to a nearby exit, which it did as she climbed up to the manhole and banged and shouted at it, not strong enough to move it.  She heard voices from above, and the manhole started to move showing the faces of two dwarves, both unable to speak common but invited her in to their forge nonetheless, fetching a barrel of water for her to clean herself up with, though she wasn’t in a state of mind to do anything- half-naked and having lost all her equipment, she just sat rocking back and forth muttering about her shoes and twitching.  A couple of hours passed and she eventually composed herself well enough to robe herself with modest robes the dwarves offered her, and hire a Sedan Chair to take her back to the pub.

If you know where the pic's from then you'll guess why it's here

Back at the prison, the guards heard from the Lady who had insisted she had no idea about this ‘shadow man’, so the guards came to the logical conclusion that this group of adventurers had been tricked by a shadow spy, though quite why he had targeted a half-elven townsman was anybodies guess.  The prisoners were free to go, and on returning to the pub the centaur discovered she was suddenly the heir to the Rosy Petal, the deed being in Boris’ name and Boris had bequeathed it to her, for reasons only he knows.  The centaur also discovered that amongst Boris’ possessions that she had inherited, was his sword which was still inside her body.  The cleric calmly tried to inform her of this, with the words ‘don’t panic, but…’ which just terrified the centaur even more who desperately tried not to think of the sword soldifying itself inside her.  They quickly (but carefully) got to the weapons shop to get Cecilia, the yuan-ti sorceress, to remove the weapon which she did with the use of an Ethereal Jaunt spell, relishing in extracting the sword as slowly as possible so the centaur could see the size of the greatsword that was inside her.
It was quickly decided that the party should rest after the day’s events, and they would probably be on the lookout for any assassins hired by the pimp in the near future…
Important Events:
Everybody gains a wish, as listed above.
Boris dies.
Centaur inherits brothel, intending to turn it into a strip club/burlesque.
Medusa loses nearly all of her equipment, surviving with a bag of holding and some very damaged armour.
A pimp is angered.