After many long years, this blog has been revived!  Now begins the story of Ungus Kinglygauntlet, Dwarf Fighter, with this blog being a transcription of his journal.  A sealed envelope is tucked inside the front cover, the contents to be revealed should curious minds investigate.

Eleint 17, 1369DR

I am writing this journal as strange things have been happening to me recently, I believe in no small part due to my companions.  It started back in Highmoon, where I was looking for some work.  After deciding to chase a petty criminal, I have now become entangled in a plot involving an organised crime syndicate known as the Naga’s Fang, and an unknown third party that also appear to be at odds with them. A human, Jessie, who describes himself as a joke-teller accompanied me, for which I am grateful as I am still unaccustomed as to how to deal with humans and elves.  He has an unnatural gift for making people like him, despite his terrible jokes and tendency to overdrink.  During our investigations we encountered a druid, Ash, and a halfling, Arosea, who had their own encounter that led to them investigating the Naga’s Fang.  We decided to work together in pursuit of a common goal, however the halfling particularly piqued my interest as I’d had a dream a couple of nights before involving demonic sheep that she was a part of.  Curiously she appears to have had the same dream.  It is possible we spotted each other previously and incorporated each other into our dreams, as dwarfs and halflings in these parts are not a common sight, and it is mere coincidence they both involved sheep, however for reasons that will soon become clear I believe there may be a deeper connection.

Events led us to Blackfeather Bridge, but the most curious thing of all happened on the way.  I have little memory of the journey.  What I believed to be a tenday journey seems to have been over in half the time, and I swear we were supposed to pass through a village between here and White Ford but no such place appears on any map.  On arriving here I had another strange dream.  This time involving a fight with a demon obsessed with doors, of all things.  Arosea and Jessie were both involved, and upon awaking Arosea seemed distraught over having exactly the same dream, yet Jessie had no recollection.  I feigned ignorance so as not to alarm Arosea further, but having two shared dreams in as many tendays must be more than coincidence.  What could be the significance of mundane things made demonic?  And with Arosea’s message about communications from Highmoon ceasing, I fear the worst.  We will make haste there tomorrow, and hopefully soon I will discover what any of this means.  By Clangeddin’s beard I hope the Naga’s Fang haven’t taken advantage of our absence.