Eleint 19, 1369DR

We have found a travelling merchant whose destination is Tegal’s Mark, a town that’s not too far a detour from the road to Highmoon.  We have offered our services as escorts, as it never hurts to gain some coin, especially when he’s offering the princely sum of 500gp.  He’s a little eccentric, constantly complains and sleeps a lot, but as long as he honours his offer then it’s a small price to pay.  The journey is progressing swiftly, as there is little to worry about in these lands.  True, we passed a possible bandit camp, but I’m too concerned about Highmoon to stop and investigate.  If our worries are for naught then I may return to clear them out.

Eleint 23, 1369DR

We have arrived in Tegal’s Mark, and it seems the situation in Highmoon is worse than we had feared.  There are refugees everywhere, many suffering burns and other injuries.  Our employer took some convincing to hand over our pay, but after a gentle ‘reminder’ of his promise, we managed to get some of his healing supplies as well.  Poor Arosea has had her hands full tending to the wounded, whilst Jessie and I have been looking for information on what happened.  Unfortunately we’ve been getting all sorts of conflicting reports, from a drow raid to gang violence, to one person even claiming a dragon attacked.  The only consistent information is that the attack was sudden, and the whole town was set ablaze.  I found a soldier who informed me of a scout party that would be grateful for our assistance.  They should be being sent out in… actually they should be ready to go now.  It’s curious, something about this room we’re staying in has taken away all sense of urgency.  It was a fairly steep price, but we’ve been treated to a Heroes Feast, beds fit for a king, the biggest bathtub I’ve ever seen, and even a couple of rather odd serving staff.  I don’t trust it one bit.  There’s no way such a small building should be able to house such a huge room, but I’ve checked everything and it all seems structurally sound.  I’d heard that magic could do amazing things, but nothing like this.  In my experience magic is granted by the gods, used for curing wounds and blessing weapons.  To think it’s being used for something as trivial as making a room comfortable seems almost blasphemous… And apparently you can potentially access other cities from this room, which seems far too dangerous if this knowledge were to fall in the wrong hands.

I think we have exhausted all the benefits this room can provide, and I’m sure we’re already running late, so I’m not sure why I continue to write… Perhaps I’m just apprehensive at what awaits in Highmoon…