Scribbled on a note, left in the hideout as if a draft for publication, is the following message.

This is a proclamation to all who will listen, be they Cormyran, Sembian, Dalefolk, Elves of Cormanthor, or the dwarves of Earthfast.  I am Ungus Kinglygauntlet, the dwarf who gained a reputation as vigilante of Highmoon and son of Unthar Kinglygauntlet, who served in the Purple Dragons.  Previously I would describe myself as proud citizen of Cormyr, however I cannot condone their recent actions.

After dealing with the Naga’s Fang, I was confident that Highmoon was free from any threat and therefore left for a couple of tenday.  On my return, I discovered that Highmoon is no more.  The town was attacked by outside forces, and has now been razed to the ground.  The perpetrators were none other than those so-called warriors of justice, the Purple Dragons of Cormyr.  How do I know they weren’t in disguise? Because I had the ‘honour’ of meeting the steel regent herself, Alusair Obarskyr.  I was captured and accused of being a spy of Sembia, leading me to believe that tensions have reached breaking point between those two nations and Cormyr are willing to destroy anything in their way, namely the Dalelands.  I would wager that Sembia are willing to do the same.

To the people of the Dales; I know you have had your differences and internal conflicts, but together you are known as a proud people.  The Dalelands are some of the most beautiful, untouched parts of the Realms.  Some of you may be tempted to make those treaties that Cormyr and Sembia have long sought, but as a resident of Thunderstone I know that that will mean an end to your peaceful lives as your towns will become yet another military outpost under martial law.

To Cormanthor; I know elves have little concern for the affairs of men, but if you should stand idly by then you will face an incredible threat on your southern border.  Conquerors are seldom satisfied with the land they have and will be seeking to expand, and I imagine their sights will be set on the abundance of resources your forest could provide.

To my kin at Earthfast; I know this news will be most shocking to you.  You placed deep trust in the Mithril Princess, and indeed she gave you hope for non-dwarf kind, so I accept that my words may fall on deaf ears.  All I can ask is that you investigate this report, and cease trade with Cormyr should my words prove true.  By Clangeddin’s Silver beard, you cannot support such dirty, dishonourable warfare.

Finally to both Cormyr and Sembia, I have the same message.  Do not underestimate those you think of as ‘little people’.  Should your war escalate, I will personally see to it that the world will turn against you.  And should I fail, I guarantee another will take my place.