Officially introducing Ungus’ replacement, Sabine!  Yes, the same Sabine featured in previous blog posts; she has ascended from NPC to PC, and with that comes a whole lot more character development.  The reason for the delay in blog posts is because I hadn’t fully decided how her character should be played yet, and I couldn’t think of how to record her adventure without it feeling forced, or like a transcription of the game which, whilst fun, would not help my creative writing.  Arosea’s player suggested I keep another journal, but I wasn’t sure Sabine would be the sort to keep a journal and I don’t want to end up too similar to Ungus.  Likewise, she has no reason to send letters to anyone.  But then a thought occurred to me; this is Sabine’s first true adventure as part of a party, and part of her motivation is to experience things, but part of adventure is long periods of boredom travelling and keeping watch etc, so what if Arosea suggested she keep a journal just to keep from being bored?  So yes, I will indeed be keeping a journal but don’t expect it to be like Ungus’.  Where he thought of himself on the lawful good side of neutral and had a strong sense of family and friendship, Sabine is much more on the chaotic side (I wouldn’t go as far as to say evil, but she’s certainly not as pure as you’d expect from a cleric), and she is very careful not to get too attached to anyone for reasons that may become clear later… much later.  It’ll take a lot for her to trust anyone enough to reveal much of her past.

On the road again.  It’s cold and slightly damp.

…This is dumb.  Why do people get enjoyment from writing down their thoughts?  ‘It can be good to write down your secrets’, but then what if someone reads them?  Most secret place is inside my head.  Still, beats getting bored looking for imaginary threats in the middle of an open field.

So what do I write, when only I intend on seeing this?  I guess it might be amusing to say my first impressions of my companions.  See if I still think the same after travelling with them for however long.

First off, they’re the unlikely heroes of Tasselpeak.  Despite their appearance and seeming naivety, they successfully led the defense of the town and drove off the Cormyran army which is no mean feat.  Of course with Cormyr abandoning Tasselpeak I have no reason to remain there, so I’m travelling with them to find where else I can be of help, as they seem to have a knack for finding trouble.  And with the untimely death of Ungus, they could probably use some ‘divine guidance’.

Arosea appears to be the leader, now Ungus is gone.  She’s had run-ins with Sembia before, but has not elaborated further; I would be very much interested to find out more.  She rather blatantly has a crush on Arcanae, the governor of Tasselpeak’s secretary.  It’s cute, and I’m happy to help any way I can.

Lasslyn is the muscle.  She’s the one who beat the leader of the Cormyran army in a duel, but despite that she seems very friendly.  I expected her to be quite the intimidating warrior, but she’s innately likable; though admittedly I’m yet to witness her in battle first-hand.  We’ve already shared some stories of past adventures, and she clearly has an almost familial bond with her companions.

Jessie is… Actually I’m not entirely sure.  The face maybe?  He was instrumental in helping the townsfolk during the siege, and although he’s been drunk most of the time I’ve known him, I assume due to grief, he has come up with some terrible puns that I’m ashamed to say I couldn’t help but laugh at.  It must be his delivery.  During the celebration he demonstrated himself as a bit of a trickster too, which shows me he has some magical aptitude as well.  Hopefully he’ll sober up so I can get to know him better, and perhaps his cooking will taste better (though I doubt it).  I’ll also have to revise my spell list so he doesn’t outdo me.

I hate to admit it, but it seems Arosea was right.  I do actually feel better after writing, though that may well just be me thinking of ways I could prank Jessie.   Maybe I will continue this journal after all.